Specialized Project Accounting Solutions for Architects & Engineers

Break free from the stress and waste of trying to implement financial systems that aren't built for businesses like yours.


Go beyond bookkeeping and accounting, with the tools and expertise you need to tackle financial obstacles and reach the summit of your success.


Not an A/E Business? Let's find out If we're a fit


Get Real-Time Visibility
into your business financials


Make Data-Driven Decisions
that you can be confident in


Grow Your Business
and even be able to take up to 6 weeks away


Do you struggle with:

  • Accounting software that just doesn’t fit your project-based business?
  • Having to chase down clients for unpaid invoices?
  • Not knowing the profitability of any given project?
  • Uncertainty around meeting cashflow and payroll obligations?

You've come to the right place. There is a better way...

With the Right Financial Partners & Systems You Can Reach the Summit of Your Business Success

When you implement project accounting and have confidence in your books, you can effectively manage cashflow and truly understand your project profitability


Project Profitability

 Improve your financial performance, increase revenue, and maximize profits.


Cashflow Control

Manage your finances effectively, optimize cashflow, and improve financial stability.


Confidence in Your Books

Have confidence based on project accounting accurate financials in order to make informed decisions and thrive.

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At Summit Business Advisors our team of dedicated professionals and project accounting tech stack are purpose-built for project-based firms in engineering, architecture, and more. We are based in West Los Angeles, California, and have over 15+ years of experience serving successful businesses across the United States.


We go beyond bookkeeping and accounting, with the Profit First tools and expertise you need to tackle financial obstacles and reach the summit of your success.


  • Break free from the stress of administrative tasks 
  • Take on the projects that you want
  • Attract and retain quality talent
  • Know that your business is profitable
  • Rely on predictable owner distributions
  • Live the lifestyle you went into business for

We've been working with project-based firms for over 15 years, and have purpose-built our processes and tech stack for Architects, Engineers, and other project-based industries.

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Here's What Our Clients Have to Say About Us

Delivers far beyond anything you ask

"Capable does not even describe the abilities, capabilities, and scope of Veronica’s way of serving your company. Veronica Herrera delivers far beyond anything you ask of her. She is so bright and an utter blessing to know and work with on any of your needs – a delight and relief in today’s world."   

- Martin W. “Bud” Pernoll

Proactive and Professional with the big picture in mind

"Knowledgeable, thorough and timely bookkeeping services.  proactive, professional with the big picture in mind. Veronica is business savvy providing guidance every step of the way!”

- Karen Folwell

Direct and easy to understand.

"Direct and easy to understand. She explains herself clearly and does not sugarcoat any information we need to know."

- Ximena Herschberg

Now I can spend time on growing my business

"Being able to see my P&L online anywhere is great. I used to dread that time because of all of the work I had to do but now I know it’s done and I can spend my time on growing the business."

- Robert Nevarez

With Summit Business Advisors, Your Path to Success is as easy as 1-2-3

Start with a Basecamp Assessment

We’ll discuss your business and financial goals and what is preventing you from reaching them, and run a full diagnostic on your business financials to better understand how we can help you.


Begin Your Ascent

We explain the findings from our review, the challenges before you and how you should specifically address them with a series of customized recommendations.


Reach Your Summit

With our guidance and support, we help you to get confidence in your financials,  make accurate data-driven financial decisions, and provide a clear path to reach success in your business journey.

Your path to the summit starts now with knowing your score

With Summit Business Advisors, project-based businesses have real-time visibility into their performance and can make data-driven decisions that drive results.

✓ Profit First

✓ Utilization rate, and

✓ Net revenue per employee

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