Sub-contracted Controllers

You're an expert - just not in finances

Business owners know their business inside and out, and as the owner, you’re skilled at what you do. Though you’re skilled at what you do, chances are financials reports, statements and accounting software aren’t in your wheelhouse. You’re not a financial controller.

Luckily for you, our team at Summit Business Advisors are experts at managing financials for businesses. Reading credit and debit reports, and preparing statements is our expertise. We can analyze and interpret your financial information and provide you with financial and expense reports to aid you in making informed decisions.

Focus on what you do best - and sub-contract administering your financials to us

As your financial controller, we’ll work along your side (or your executive and management team) to provide informative financial information that you can make sense of.  We will provide you with accurate, secure and timely recordings of your business’ financial activities.

A financial controller is responsible for:

  • A complete and thorough understanding of all your accounting procedures,
  • An extensive knowledge of your accounting software,
  • Payroll accurately and timely submitted,
  • Bank accounts and cash balances properly maintained,
  • Invoices issued and collected on schedule,
  • Prepared financial statements at the business and/or project levels,
  • Proactive advice on everything from cashflow management, to financial software and vendors

Sub-contracted Controllers are a scalable, cost-effective extension of your team

Sub-contracting your Controller function is,


  1. Cost-effective - a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time, qualified Controller in-house - not to mention the added costs of overhead and benefits
  2. Scalable - we can add capacity to meet the demands of your business
  3. Skilled - our team has 15+ years of experience
  4. Effecient - we will setup systems and processes that will make your operations more efficient


Connect with Summit Business Advisors to discuss more about how our team can become an extension of your management team through our Controller services.

With the Right Financial Partners & Systems You Can Reach the Summit of Your Business Success

When you implement project accounting and have confidence in your books, you can effectively manage cashflow and truly understand your project profitability


Project Profitability

 Improve your financial performance, increase revenue, and maximize profits.


Cashflow Control

Manage your finances effectively, optimize cashflow, and improve financial stability.


Confidence in Your Books

Have confidence based on project accounting accurate financials in order to make informed decisions and thrive.

Your path to the summit starts now with knowing your score

With Summit Business Advisors, project-based businesses have real-time visibility into their performance and can make data-driven decisions that drive results.

✓ Profit First

✓ Utilization rate, and

✓ Net revenue per employee

Successful project accounting client of Summit Business Advisors, an engineer perched at the top of a rock outcrop with urban skyline in background